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Ventless Hoods



OHV-10 Ventless Hood


OHV-10 Spec Sheet


PO-VH Spec Sheet

The compact and simple design of Giles Ventless Hoods eliminates the need for expensive roof modifications and the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors supplying separate hood and electrical systems.


The one-of-a-kind stainless steel hood attaches directly on top of certain model electric ovens.



The Giles Ventless Hoods consist of an Air Filtration System. The Air Filtration System operates in three steps:

  • Baffle Filter traps large grease particles

  • Electronic Air Cleaner consists of an ionizer which charges particles of dirty air allowing them to be collected by an electrostatic force

  • Charcoal Filter further entraps any particles which may have escaped the Electronic Air Cleaner, and the charcoal filter helps eliminate odors.


Ventless Hoods


FSH-2 Spec Sheet


FSH-2a Spec Sheet


Ventless Hoods



FSH-5 Spec Sheet


FSH-6 Spec Sheet


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